As a breeder I do my very best to produce the healthiest Pugs I can, however, NO BREEDER can ever produce 100% healthy-for-life dogs. As breeders we can only do our best to limit problems in our chosen line of dogs. 
Health concerns in Pugs center mainly on their head and their legs, but other problems do exist, such as spinal deformities that can cause the pug to become crippled. Pug heads cause problems because of the large round eyes and snubbed-in faces instead of having the elongated face and almond-shaped eyes of most breeds of dogs. Pugs are known as a Brachycephalic breed.

Problems that are fairly common include:



Elongated Soft Palate

Pug Dog Encephalitis

Pinched or Undersized Nostrils (Stenotic Nares)

Hemi - Vertebrae

Hip Dysplasia

Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease

Luxating Patellas

Pugs also have a high incidence of demodectic skin mites ( demodectic mange), especially when puppies. Mange does require a veterinarian to treat it. 

Your Pug may never have these problems, while others may have more than one. There are other issues that Pugs can and do have but not often enough to list. Back yard breeding and puppymills are the primary result of alot of these ongoing problems, this is why our Pug rescues are overflowing. They do not care about the quality or health issues of Pugs they breed but merely the quantity of puppies they produce and depend soley on you the buyer of not knowing better. Study the AKC Pug standard to educate yourself to what a quality Pug should look like. Ask for AKC pedigrees on any puppy you may be interested in, how many Champions are in that pedigree? Pedigrees provide you with a "Family Tree" if you will of your puppy's heritage. If they are unable to do so I would walk away. Remember, just having a Pedigree does not mean quality. Ask to see mom and dad, once again if they do not comply - WALK AWAY - There is a reason!! Beware of the breeder who tells you - "There are no health problems in my lines". RUBBISH, every pure bred of every line has health issues of one form or another! The difference being the responsible, ethical breeder will be very open with you about the known problems in their lines and are ALWAYS working toward the betterment of the breed. PLEASE do your research and become well informed on this wonderful breed BEFORE you add him/her to your family. Choose your breeder wisely and Remember, you are committing to your new family member for their whole life :)
Pug Health
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